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Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Please read through our current COVID-19 policy regarding all Mid-York Colorguard Circuit contests: (These will be followed at this time regardless if a school or county waives one of these items)

All performers, staff, spectators, volunteers will wear masks at all times. This includes while performing.

All performers, staff, spectators, volunteers will social distance whenever possible.

All performers, staff, spectators, volunteers will follow all Federal, State, Local and school protocols in regards to Covid.

All judges and staffs will wear masks during critique.

Competing Units should be prepared for any of the following possible scenarios:

If capacity restrictions are in place, the show may be divided up into smaller blocks with multiple awards ceremonies as well as different ticketing procedures.

If capacity restrictions are in place or use of classrooms are restricted groups should be prepared for designated times for arrival, unload, warm-up, perform and then departure from the building.

If capacity restrictions are in place, groups should be prepared to not be able to enter the performance gym before or after their performance.

Be prepared for changes in show format. Units may perform out of sequence in order to accommodate restrictions on number of audience members, use of one bus for multiple units, classroom restrictions etc.

If extra time is required between performances or blocks the overall format of the show may change.

Traffic patterns at shows may be modified to accommodate social distancing so groups should be prepared for changes in traditional travel times from warm-up to performance.

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