MYCGC Championships

Saturday April 2nd - 10:00am

Shenendehowa High School East

970 Route 146, Clifton Park, NY 12065


Any One Show - $12/Adults, Children (6-12) & Seniors(65+)/$10

Two Show Pass - $20/Adults, Children (6-12) & Seniors(65+)/$15

All Day Pass - $30/Adults, Children (6-12) & Seniors(65+)/$25

*Children under five will be admitted at no charge.

Cash or Venmo Only!!

Current COVID-19 Protocol

  • Masks are optional at this time.    

  • Spectators, staff and performers not feeling well the day of championships should stay home as a precaution.

Video Taping

Per Mid-York policy there is no video taping allowed at championships.  Spectators violating this policy will be asked to stop taping and possibly removed from the show.



No FLASH photography during a performance.  This is for the performer's safety.

New this year, all post awards photos will be conducted in the auditorium.  No photos will be done in the gym so we may prepare for the next show.


Championship T-Shirts

There will be championship t-shirts available the day of the event.



Mid-York Championship Program books will be available for $5.00.



Fonda-Fultonville Novice 10:00am

Pinewood ERA 10:08am

Phoenix ERA ERA 10:16am

Laurens Jaguars ERA ERA 10:24am

Central Square Jr. ERA 10:32am


CNS Northstars Junior Cadet 10:45am

Shenendehowa Cadet Cadet 10:53am

Albany City Cadet Cadet 11:01am

Vestal Cadet Cadet 11:09am

Westmoreland JV Cadet 11:17am

Laurens Junior Jaguars Cadet 11:25am

Jordan-Elbridge JV Cadet 11:33am

Liverpool JV Cadet 11:41am

Arlington Middle School Cadet 11:49am

Retreat 12:00



Homer SRA 1:00pm

ESM JV SRA 1:08pm

Phoenix Jr SRA 1:16pm

Baldwinsville JV SRA 1:24pm

Vestal Sr SRA 1:32pm

Central Square JV SRA 1:40pm

Horseheads SRA 1:48pm

Norwich SRA 1:56pm

Oswego SRA 2:04pm


Mohonasen JV IRA 2:15pm

New Hartford JV IRA 2:23pm

Novice Champion 2:31pm

ERA Champion 2:39pm

Cadet Champion 2:47pm

Retreat 3:00pm



DARE IAA 4:00pm

Albany City IAA IAA 4:08pm

Shenendehowa A SA3 4:16pm

CNS Northstars JV SA3 4:24pm

Corning Painted Post SA3 4:32pm

Westmoreland Varsity SA3 4:40pm


West Genesee SA2 4:55pm

Baldwinsville Varsity SA2 5:03pm

Jordan-Elbridge Varsity SA2 5:11pm

Introspection IA 5:19pm

Black Knights IA 5:27pm

SRA Champion 5:35pm

IRA Champion 5:43pm

Retreat 5:55pm



Mohonasen High School Varsity SA1 6:55pm

Laurens Jaguars SA1 7:03pm

Arlington HS Admirals SA1 7:11pm

New Hartford Varsity SA1 7:19pm

Liverpool Varsity SA1 7:27pm

Phoenix Sr SA1 7:35pm

ESM Varsity SA1 7:43pm


Central Square Varsity SO 7:55pm

Shenendehowa Open SO 8:04pm

CNS Northstars Varsity SO 8:13pm

IAA Champion 8:22pm

SA3 Champion 8:30pm

SA2 Champion 8:38pm

IA Champion 8:46pm

Retreat 9:00pm