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Welcome 2022!

As we look to the start of the 2022 season the Mid-York Circuit is excited to bring back live events for our competing units. Over the past few months the board has been working with all show hosts to make sure that each event is as safe as possible for all performers, staffs and spectators. Each event may have a slightly different set of rules as we are doing all we can to meet the safety expectations of each school that Mid-York Events are taking place at. As a fan of the activity please respect and follow all safety protocols that are being asked of you. It has been a long road for many of our units to return to the floor this season so show your appreciation big and loud, let the performers know how wonderful they are doing. Every unit is dealing with a number of unique circumstances from modified rehearsal time, restrictions on number of participants, students and staff in quarantine to complete shut downs for periods of time. With all of this, these performers continue to give 110% to the marching arts and that is truly something special for all of us to witness. Sit back, enjoy the shows and be safe.

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