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February has arrived!

Just like that we are done with January and our first 2 weeks of the season, now we jump right into February. This week we have an exciting show planned at Vestal High School. This promises to be filled with thrilling performances as many of our Southern Tier units are making their debut this weekend. In addition, we will have some units making the trip from Syracuse to entertain the audience in the Southern Tier. Plan to stop by and cheer on the performers as they show off all of their hard work. Mark your calendars as the New York Regional is right around the corner. It will be held on Saturday February 17th at Corning High School. There will not only be many units from Mid-York there but groups from PA, NJ and Canada as well. All will add to the excitement. As always follow Mid-York on Facebook and Instagram to keep up on what is happening in the circuit.

Scott Snell


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