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The Mid-York Color Guard Circuit was created in 1965 to organize a color guard circuit to conduct and regulate contests for all eligible members and to establish standardized rules and policies that will promote and regulate competition enabling young adults to participate in an activity that is educational, enjoyable, safe, equitable and ethical.

Mid-York is BACK!!!!  This past Saturday Mid-York held it’s first live event since March of 2020.  You could feel the nervousness of the performers and staff as they awaited to take the floor after such a long time.  As the music started the nerves were replaced by incredible energy and it was like we had never missed a day.  The shows were creative, fun and thought provoking.  The energy in the gym was electrifying and the audience support was deafening as each and every student finished their first performance of the season.  After such an amazing start I cannot wait to see what each guard in the circuit has to offer as they make their 2022 debut.  Please consider attending a Mid-York show and offer your support.  Each show host has taken many precautions to ensure the safety of spectators, staff and students.  The Mid-York circuit requires that all in attendance at a show wear masks at all times and social distance whenever possible.  Please review each shows specific Covid protocols on our website.  Just click on schedule and select the show you wish to attend.  As you find yourself attending Mid-York shows make sure to support the host by purchasing raffle tickets, stopping in to their kitchen for a bite to eat or simply giving an additional donation at the door.  It has been a long road for many of these units back to the competitive floor and your help is greatly appreciated.  Most importantly after each and every performance show your support to the performers big and loud!!!  They live for that moment when the music ends and the crowd cheers with excitement.

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